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if you’re a content creator, seekrs can pay a fee (set by you) to send you a personalised question or query in the form of a 1 minute video or a short written message. you’ll then reply directly to the seekr with a personalised video or your own, and you’ll pocket that fee.

if you can’t find the answer to your question that you're after on this page, feel free to send us an email anytime.



“what is rinkl in a nutshell?”
“how does rinkl work?”
“how much does rinkl cost?”
“how long do i have to wait for a reply?”
“what is a 'rinklr' and a 'seekr'?”
“is a reply guaranteed?”
“what if a content creator (rinklr) doesn’t reply?”
“can i send more than one rinkl request at a time?”
“who can see the questions (rinkl requests) that i send to a content creator (rinklr)?”
“who can see the video response (rinkl) that i receive back from the content creator (rinklr)?”
“can the videos (rinkls) be made public through rinkl?”
“who is the owner of the content/video response (rinkl) i have received? can i share it?”
“can i download rinkls?”
“how long can the messages (rinkl requests) be that are sent to content creators (rinklrs)?”

features / tools

“how do i download the videos i receive?”
“what does ‘holiday mode’ mean in my settings?”
“is there a rinkl mobile app?”
“what are tiers?”
“where does my star rating come from?”
“where can i read my reviews?”

wallets and money

“what is my 'rinkl rate'?”
“how much should i charge for a rinkl?”
“why do you need my bank account and personal information?”
“when/how do i receive my money from rinkl?”
“why is not all the money from my rinkl rate showing up? some is missing!”
“can i get a refund?”
“does rinkl take a commission?”
“why is Monzo/my digital bank, charging me before i've got my rinkl response?”
“what is stripe?”
“why do i have to agree to stripe's terms and conditions?”
“does stripe charge a fee/commission as well?”
“how do referrals work?”
“why do I need a UK bank account?”

types of accounts

“what are the different types of user accounts on rinkl?”
“what is a rinklr?”
“why can’t i become a rinklr?”
“how does the verification process work?”

reporting content / blocking users

“what do i do if i receive or see offensive content on rinkl?”
“how do i block a user?”